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Nutritionist San Diego - Tamara Renee with @health

@health is a nutrition, meal service and lifestyle company that provides health minded services.

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The Organic Lifestyle Change

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Services Offered

Certified Nutritionist
Take advantage of the @health’s team of nutritional experts! We specialize in Metabolism Based weight loss and wellness management programs which can include specialty diets, as well as pre/post surgery guidelines. @health’s nutritional counselors provide support and implement a proven systematic approach.

Diet Meal Delivery - Nutritious & Delicious Meal Service and Catering
@health offers a wide variety of delectable freshly prepared and delivered personal snacks and entrees, as well as healthy and complete catering.

Resting Metabolic Rate Testing (RMR)
@health’s medical grade machine can precisely calculate the number of calories you burn by measuring the oxygen (energy) that your body uses. Calories are how we measure the energy in the food we eat and the energy our body uses. Your metabolic rate is how fast your body burns calories to produce energy. Knowing your metabolic rate helps you know how to balance what you eat with what you burn.

Corporate Wellness
Educational Speaking & Workshops
From A to Z
A-Look Coach
A total look package of inner and outer beauty (body, wardrobe, hair, skin, and more)

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