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Nutritional Counseling

(Plans Available for Anyone - NO Geographical Boundaries)

Genetically Based Nutritional Plans

Why Genetically Based?
Because it identifies YOUR individual requirements for diet and nutrition.

Specializing In:
- weight loss
- health management
- diabetes
- cholesterol health
- intestinal disorders
- hormonal imbalances
- pregnancy and after

Expected Results:
- immediately increased energy
- Normalize appetite and hunger patterns.
- control cravings for sugar and snack foods
- naturally achieve and maintain your ideal weight
- emotional stability
- boost self confidence
- optimize your immunity
- maximize performance


Power of a Personalized Diet
Don't deprive yourself of your favorite foods! With a personalized diet, you can eat the foods you enjoy with options for cooking at home, dining out and fast food! We'll give you delicious menus that fit your tastes and goals, but feel free to switch your meals to suit your food preferences or schedule.

A complimentary consultation is available in order for you to become more familiar with @health and determine if @health is the best source of coaching for you.

Initial Customer Package Pricing:

All packages including Initial & Returning Clients - COMING SOON

Metabolic Type Self-Test

Fill out your Metabolic Type Self-Test here. Contact Tamara Renee by phone 858-864-9333 or email to get further analysis on your results.

Pay As You Go Options

**Dietary Analysis, a $265 fee, is mandatory for all new clients ~
Payment required with your dietary analysis paperwork, prior to analysis appointment. **


30-minute meeting - where we discuss your behavioral modifications or any challenges you might have.  There is no meal plan involved.


30-minute meeting with meal plan - focused on your behavioral modifications and challenges, and a customized meal plan tailored to your life and YOUR Metabolic Rate for you to be receiving optimal results.

$95 - existing/returning clients

$150 - clients without the purchase of a package or analysis

$69 – clinic days
(6 or more people)

Resting Metabolic Rate Test - used to calculate how many calories you would burn per day by doing nothing. This helps determine how many calories you should consume each day to reach or maintain your weight and health goals.  This test is performed using a medical grade machine.

$95/hour – individual

$110/hour – up to 3 people

Grocery Market Tour - Confused about labels? Unsure what food items provide the nutrients you want? Need tips for delicious and healthy snacks and meals?  @health will explain how to shop smart. 

$95 for 2 hours

Kitchen Rejuvenation - Let @health come to your kitchen, remove bad staples and replace them with healthful items.  Includes free travel within 10 miles


Grocery Shopping Service – let us worry about it and deliver to your door

NEW Maintenance Packages

This is for clients that just want a little accountability & more assistance as you're trying to integrate your new lifestyle.

3 months - $285
6 months - $510
9 months - $675

Details: Each month we meet one-time for 30 minutes. The dates are pre-set for term of package. The package is pre-paid. We create a customized meal plan for you to use during each session.

NEW @health Membership

This is for clients that just want a little accountability & more assistance as you're trying to integrate your new lifestyle.

$15 per month

Yes, you read that right. Many of our clients want to be part of the community of @health by interacting with others members which will give you the opportunity to share your ideas & receive new ones.

Monthly phone /on-line meeting. Don't worry about trying to get into your car and get to a place. Relax in your home or office and chat with us.

Meetings are 45 minutes long. Scheduled the first Tuesday of the month (OCTOBER 2009 IS OUR FIRST ONE) Members receive a person "members only" newsletter each month with a recipe, healthy tips and our best promotional offers.

Members will have their own Google group account so you can interact through emails. Each month get a custom 1-day ideal meal plan focused on weight loss and optimal vitality, emailed to your in box.

Guest speakers to broaden our knowledge and interest.

Payment Details: Members must have a credit card on file to be billed automatically the first of each month. Receive a 10% discount for a yearly pre-paid membership.

No make-up meetings.


New Service ~ Meal Plan & Recipes

$199 for 1 week

1 week meal plan & recipes emailed to you

$498 for 4 weeks
(38% discount)

4 weeks of meal plans & recipes emailed to you

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