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I don't know what you have done to me girl! I feel like I am on speed...AND I want to have sex...in the middle of the afternoon. That hasn't happened in about 8 years!

anonymous - wife, career woman & mother


OMG, I can see my hip bones!

Andi Neugarten, Ironman Athlete


Conditions at 1st appointment:

Oozing Dry Eyes & Rashes
Severe Depression
Polluted Liver
Extreme Gas & Abdominal Bloating
45 lbs Overweight
Inconclusive Medical Test

@health's Analysis:


Benefits of Working with @health:

Personalized Plan Eliminated "all "Previous Conditions


"Thank you so much for changing my life and getting me back on track."






When I found out that I was going to participate in the 2003 Ironman World Championships in Hawaii, I weighed 225 lbs and had an extremely demanding full-time sales management position.  Tamara's solid nutritional wisdom and delicious, affordable meals enabled me to  eat better and spend the time doing the things that mattered most - - training, working and sleeping.  Her shop, chop and delivery concept afforded me the time I needed to lose 35 lbs, double my sales volume and get into the best shape of my life.  - BC

[Blair exited the waters of Kona in 20th place and posted a personal best by 1 hour and 15 minutes (11:10:45).]

Blair Cannon


There is no magic pill to make you thin and healthy, but with the right thinking, attitude and commitment Tamara helped me look and feel much better!


Before March 2003 Size 12

After March 2004 Size 8

March 2005 Size 4


I was very skeptical when I first learned of Tamara's unique approach to nutrition. Having tried numerous diets and workout routines I thought that I was destine to spend the rest of my life weighing 260 pounds with cholesterol in the high 200's. However I decided to trust her, and the results have been nothing short of amazing. I've lost nearly 50 pounds, and my energy has increased dramatically. In just 4 months Tamara has changed my life more than I could ever have imagined... I feel I owe her my life!

Brandon Kyse
San Diego, CA




I hired Tamara as my nutritionist in March of 2004. After years of too much work, too many children and not enough good food and exercise, I decided I needed to take control of my well being. I was introduced to Tamara by a group of elite triatheletes; I was amazed by their strength and will power and wanted to tap into their secret. After meeting Tamara I was inspired on many levels. She was just what I needed to jump start my program. I first used her services when I underwent plastic surgery to rejuvenate my face again. Tamara prepared food that was formulated to "bring me back" from the depths of anesthesia and start the healing process. With her nutritional help, I was back in public again within a week of my surgery. My friends, family and doctor were amazed at my rapid recovery.

Six months later, I am still ordering Tamara's nutritional meals to keep me in balance. The ease of going to my refrigerator and grabbing a meal that is already prepared with my goals in mind...is a lifesaver! I have never felt better and have never been motivated more to be the best that I can be. I would welcome sharing my experience with anyone interested in contacting me; Tamara has opened up a whole new, healthier way of life for me.

Kyla duPont
Del Mar, California


Stage 1
Hi Ladies,
Thanks so much for sharing your success with Tamara and encouraging me to check her out. She quickly suggested I stop anything low fat or non-fat and go for more protein because I am causing my insulin levels to fluctuate and so not burning fat. She is very positive that she can help me to achieve my goal weight and I am feeling very hopeful. Thanks again, you are true friends and showed me you do care about my positive outlook in life ?

Stage 2
When I first met you I had elevated cholesterol of 232 and my blood pressure was 140/90. You told me in 3 months you would get these areas improved and help to lose the weight I was tired of packing around. In just 3 months (almost to the day!) my new cholesterol results were 184 with a blood pressure reading of 116/60. I have learned so much since I started working with you and I could not have accomplished this without your guidance and vast knowledge of nutrition. I can’t imagine what another 3 months will bring but I will be patient and count on your continued coaching, knowledge sharing, and support. You are the BEST!

Deanna Hall, San Diego CA


I know that following Tamara’s meal suggestions and specific supplements prior to surgery made me feel much less nervous about my upcoming surgery.

Her use of special foods to counteract the effects of anesthesia and to speed the healing really helped me feel good about making the decision to have a face lift.

Not only that I was so impressed at how Tamara analyzed what kind of diet would work for me, rather than a –one-diet-fits-all type. Not only that I felt much better as a result of her suggestions before the surgery and now follow those. I had always eaten what I thought was a good diet for me (lots of organics, vegetables etc.) but there were some missing pieces. Now I feel and look better than I did before! She is a real blessing !

Kate Wright
San Francisco, California


Tamara has successfully communicated to our pre-teen daughters the importance of establishing good eating habits that we were not able to accomplish on our own. She has the ability to coach the kids in a positive and respectful manner without having children feel the need to starve themselves. I am sure our daughters will continue healthy eating practices throughout their life time.
Thanks Tamara!

Joyce H.
Poway, CA


Hello Tamara,

I want to thank you for assisting me before, during and after my surgery. I Have had a very easy time and I attribute it to the food you prepared and Carol's fabulous care immediately after the surgery. The food was very tasty and I especially enjoyed the Garbanzo beans and red pepper. There was more than enough food. I had left overs for all lunch and dinner meals to last me right up to Christmas.

Dr. Yco and his staff said I am coming along great. Thanks so much. Happy New year.

Bonnie Drolet


Here's my Tamara "story." 

I originally sought Tamara's advice because I had spent six weeks on intravenous antibiotics and was no longer digesting food very well.

My wife had worked with Tamara to lose weight and because of her success, she suggested I contact Tamara. Within 24 hours Tamara cured my digestive problems.

Subsequently Tamara counseled me on improved eating habits. She was able to work around my love for red wine, which I didn't want to give up.  I lost the weight I wanted to lose and had improved energy throughout the day. I continue to follow Tamara's program and have traveled extensively while maintaining both my weight and my energy level.

Two of our nine-year-old grandchildren have worked with Tamara. One wanted to improve her eating habits and control her weight. I'm happy to see she has done so and understands every food label she sees. The second is a competitive tennis player who just wanted to have greater endurance. Two weeks after meeting with Tamara, Marissa won her first tennis tournament. She outlasted everyone else.

My wife and I continue to recommend Tamara to our friends and look forward to doing so in the future.

Howard & Toby Cohen, Rancho Sante Fe


You’ve changed my life.  I am in my 60’s and I finally have a formula that allows me to maintain my weight & health.  I lost 15 lbs in less than 2 months … and not by starving but through education.

Toby Cohen, Rancho Sante Fe, CA


You are amazing... I have noticed such a big difference in the way I feel.
I have not had any abdominal cramping of any kind and I feel great.

These results happened as soon as 2 weeks of applying @health's suggestions.

Rae-Ann Locicero


I have lost ten more pounds (down to 115), which I have never weighed in my adult life, and have lost more one size (down to size 4).  I can't believe the difference in cutting down carbs, sugar and eating good fats.  My husband actually wants me to gain a few pounds (something I never heard in my entire life).  Any way, we're off for a twelve-day cruise to Mexico, and I am at ease due to the knowledge you instilled.

 Sherry Fizor, La Jolla, CA


We all know how hard it is to get your monies worth today – well, not with this service. As a triathlete my progression did not match my efforts. A few months ago I sought advice from a triathlete coach and he gave me great advice; however, nothing that I was not’t already applying. He suggested I go see a nutritionist and triathlete by the name of Tamara.

Wow let me tell you, in 2 weeks time I took time off my run and I feel light and lean as though I was producing less lactic acid or recovering faster. In the pool my lungs never felt so large – like the “hulks”. I never went to her expecting or asking for help in any other areas besides training but I certainly received more results. My memory dramatically increased after only applying her suggestions for 3 days. I am sleeping like and little baby and I feel so fortunate to have gone to see Tamara and I look forward to competing this year.

She also has a “Healthful Cooking” Service and to aid my girlfriend and I with the daily grind of trying to fit working, playing and training in we began to order a few dinners a week from her service – YUMMY! You have to try her cooking.

I highly recommend Tamara she is efficient, effective and knowledgeable.

Suzie P.
Rancho Penosquitos


I have been battling my weight since I was 6 years old. All the exercise and "low-fat" food seemed to only provide minimal and short-lived results. In frustration, at 50 years old, I decide to see an nutritionist. Fortunately that nutritionist was Tamara. She educated me about food and, despite my initial reservations, convinced me the "natural" food (meat, eggs, cheese) I loved but had shied away from was actually good for me and that eaten in the proper quantities and with the appropriate combinations    would actually turn my body into a more efficient running machine. In a little more than three months, using Tamara's menu suggestions and with my regular exercise schedule, I lost 30 pounds and have kept them off during the subsequent 6 months. The hardest part was convincing myself that "low fat" doesn't mean healthy. Tamara's the bomb! 

Gary Owens, San Diego, Ca


Tamara, not only have I enjoyed learning from you but I can never thank you enough of reaching me how to maintain my weight and continue to eat healthfully, in a new way.  Solving my regularity problems (a 69 year ongoing problem) has to be a fete that is unmatchable and one I will be eternally grateful for!  You’re the best!

ES - San Diego, Ca


Counseling with Tamara was a very eye-opening, positive experience for me.  What I thought was healthful eating turned out to be not healthy eating at all.  Tamara taught me how to combine foods for my personality and body type, and, consequently, I not only lost weight and two sizes, but I feel much more energetic and have a much more positive outlook.  It works!!!

Becky L. Owens, San Diego, Ca


To date, I've been unsuccessful in lowering my cholesterol.  After only six weeks of working Tamara's healthful eating and exercise program, my cholesterol dropped 40 points and I lost eight pounds and two inches of body fat.  Thanks to Tamara I feel and look incredible.  I'd recommend @health to anyone who's interested in making a life change.  Thanks, Tamara.

Kim Thrall, Del Mar


Originally, I went to see Tamara about losing weight, but more importantly, Tamara was concerned with my overall health.  I had been struggling with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) for over twenty years. Tamara put me on a specific diet for IBS and admittedly, I was skeptical.  However, upon following Tamara's guidance, I have not had a problem. Tamara is always enthusiastic, extremely knowledgeable, very encouraging and takes into account one's complete health.

JG-San Diego


I am single and work full time. I really don’t have the time, energy or desire to cook for myself. I would find myself grabbing meals that were convenient.   When I was introduced to @health’s cooking services, not only was it convenient and of course much healthier than what I was eating before.  I was pleasantly surprised at how delicious they tasted and the variety she provided! You never get bored with the meals. Not to mention the benefits from her quality of service and nutritional knowledge.

Kathy Tichenor, San Diego, Ca


I was a creature of habit, eating what I thought was a healthful diet

consisting of toast and eggs for breakfast, yogurt and crackers for lunch, and a sensible dinner.  I just couldn't understand why I couldn't lose any weight until Tamara talked to me and helped me to understand how foods work in your body.  I have now lost that 8 extra pounds that I could never get rid of and have so much more knowledge on how to eat properly.  I feel great and have so much energy.  Tamara has helped me get my body back in balance.  Thank you, Tamara!!! 

You are awesome!!!                                                                                                                                         

Loralyn Anderson;
Solana Beach, CA


"Although I knew a lot about healthy eating and worked out, I couldn't seem to lose weight.   Also, I often had headaches and my energy level would sink like a stone.  Then I met Tamara, and she taught me how to eat according to what my body needed and could metabolize well.  I have lost 26 pounds and kept it off now for over a year.  My energy level is consistent.  I feel great in my size 6 pants!   I eat food that I enjoy, some of my favorite things, and my carbohydrate and sugar cravings are under control.  Tamara's knowledge is solid and she's very supportive and fun to work with."

Judith Wiesberg
San Diego, Ca


“My bowels this week are better then they have been in over a year.”  Comment coming from a 34-year-old male suffering from IBS only after working with him for 2 weeks.  Dale Hail, Honolulu, HI

I haven’t fit into a size 8 since Jr. High School – just in 8 weeks

Charlene Ramey, Del Mar, CA


When I was almost 9 years old, I started seeing Tamara.  I was overweight because I used to only eat junk food (pizza, cheese macaroni, sugary cereal, french fries and stuff like that).  Tamara taught me which foods are healthy and she got me to try new foods.  She also taught me to drink water instead of juice or soda.  She told me about a vitamin that actually tastes good.  I lost 10 pounds in less than three months.  More than a year has passed and I am still healthy.  I like the way I look in my clothes--even in my bathing suits!

ERS – San Diego, CA


In preparation for that all-important 20th high school reunion, I decided I needed to tone up and drop a few pounds.  I worked with a personal trainer for several months, with good results.  The real change came, however, when I began receiving nutritional counseling from Tamara at @health.  Gaining the knowledge of how to eat and following her menu plans to the letter, I dropped 20 pounds, looked and felt better than I had in 15 years, and had a tremendous surge in my energy.  I have changed the way I eat forever and look forever.

Alicia Covil, San Diego, Ca


Thank you for your help, dedication, inspiration and flexibility.  You are an inspiration; your help is instrumental for me and I’m sure many. 

Much love and gratitude,

Erin Thomas
San Diego, Ca


"With all the nutritional information out there, it's really confusing to me exactly how to boil it all down to actual daily meal choices.  I have or should I say had the additional challenge of dealing with IBS.  Tamara has an excellent understanding of how to approach healing GI issues through nutrition.  Her holistic, individualized approach is really the best method for achieving nutritional balance and within 11 weeks my IBS was healed.  I had been to other doctors and tried other natural approaches, however, it was Tamara that was able to get to the “bottom line” per say. Her weekly menus that she provided at each consultation put my diet in black and white.  She also took the time to explain each recommendation. 

EM 12-4-2003
San Diego, Ca


Tamara - I'm glad you appreciate what I do regarding sharing and contribution with the people I know. But I lhave made so many changes and look so desirable and beautiful that people are noticing. They ask what have you done that you have become this beautiful butterfly? So I almost owe it to them to tell them about you. I tell them what we have done together. Ok - here's what I think about you and I'm sure you know this already, but here comes validation for your thoughts:

You inspire me with you focus and discipline. In fact, you blow me away with the level of dedication you have to your businesses. I envy this discipline and love seeing this modeled by you so that I can become more disciplined.

Your knowledge is formidable. The personal charisma you have only validates your knowledge so that you come across as amazingly logical and make perfect sense to a heart that is ready to listen.

I just feel wonderful whenever I have been in your energy. I refer to you as an Angel Tamara - and I believe you are approaching this status. You can hardly do anything about this - it's a gift from God - but what's neat is that you are open to expressing it. You recognized it 20 years ago and you opened to the opportunity to express these gifts. Hooray for us and for God!!!!!!!!!

Anyway - I think you are up to hearing about what I think about you. A lot of people could not hear the words above, but I think you can. You are so strong and courageous. You truly blow me away.

I have told you about what I think about you only to validate what you already know. And to explain that whoever asks me about my beauty I feel compelled to tell them about you. Just and only for that. It just seems like the thing to do - excellence/God always MOTIVATES me to work to expand God's work in the world. You are doing God's Work Tamara.........



Hi Tamara!!!!

Just wanted to thank you very much for helping me gain the weight I wanted, you are the best!!! My husband and I are in the process of buying a house, so you can imagine how broke we are right now. I would like to go back to you as soon as we settle in our new home, you helped me alot not only to get the weight I wanted but most importantly to make me feel good about myself, and I really thank you for that.

Hope to see you soon,
Aimee Ebstein


I received my most recent blood tests and it is the best in the last 25 years!!!! "BRAVO"!!!!! More specifically, every blood test was in the normal range and selected key tests were at an all time low including:

Triglycerides 69
CRP .8
Total cholesterol 165
HDL 50
LDL 101
Total Chol/HDL Ratio 3.3
TSH 3.989

Let's hear it for the good guys...........

Walter Green Rancho Santa Fe, CA



This is great! I love endermologie! I did 20 treatments of it, which helped me lose the last 20 lbs all out of my stomach. I got down to 141 lbs and was a size 4. It was glorious! I also think it rebalanced my body and took out all the old toxins, because a month later I found out I was pregnant on my own, and am now 10 weeks along! Needless to say, after this baby is born, I encourage serious endermologie as part of a weight loss plan!

Julie Magnuson


Part One:
Wonder of all wonders, I noticed a difference in the texture and depth of my skin after the first visit. It was smoother and not lumpy anymore.
Furthermore, your 'art of sculpting' my waistline was definitely noticeable.
I no longer have those stubborn love-handles. They practically diminished overnight. Although the changes were subtle, they were definitely noticeable.

I too was skeptical, but went into the treatment as an 'experiment' with an open mind. I believe the endermologie treatment has improved the overall quality of my cells resulting in more beautiful skin.
Lisa Johnson, Carlsbad CA

Part Two:
The Electro-muscle stimulation in combination with my nutrition counseling and endermologie has transformed my body to a very lean 49-year-old fighting machine. Over time, the combined treatment has made a significant difference in the visible aspect of my muscle tone not to mention improved skin quality. The results of this combo package have assisted me in tackling one of my most difficult challenges, the mind. I am finding peace and learning to embrace the mental/visual aspect of my body.

I will never be able to express my gratitude.

Thanks Tamara, you've done it again!
Lisa Johnson, Carlsbad CA


I want to thank you for suggesting the endermologie as it gave me the boost to my weight loss plan. I gained a more shapely and smoother look as well as loss of weight. I know this is one of the treatments I will look forward to for a long time.

Deanna Hall, Oceanside CA


"The endermologie treatments have helped tremendously. Over time it has alleviated some lumpiness and my skin is smooth to the touch and sheen looking. I also feel very clean on the inside after my treatment; and I've noticed my energy level is increased the following day. I had taken about a 2 month break from the treatments and I feel that my results held up." -- Dani Tain San Diego, CA


Nutritious & Delicious Meal Service Testimonials

I have to tell you the 3 meals you left for me were amazing!  Healthy,

nutritious and yummy!  It felt so good to come home late and tired and not to have to cook (or resort to really bad eating habits like the container of cool whip).  1 or 2 minutes in my microwave and I had a great meal!  I had no idea you could cook an omelet and then re-heat it! 

Maggie Osburn, Del Mar, CA


I have a heavy travel schedule during this time of year but I've been taking your great meals with me in a special container case. Thanks so much for your convenient, healthy and delicious meals.

Scott Fraiser
Rancho Santa Fe


"Your organic pumpkin-tofu pie w/cashew cream sauce is delectable!”

Greta Morchel, San Diego, CA


"I have completed the first week with your amazingly good meals! I must tell you that it was a wonderful surprise!  I owned a small very elegant restaurant that is very European in feel and my daughter and I did all the preparation.  This makes us discriminating diners.  ... your attention to flavor and knowledge of texture even in refreezing and reheating the foods is tremendous.  Thank you so much."

-N.C., Rancho Sante Fe, CA


"I love you, @health Healthful Meal Service..  I absolutely love your food.  It is like going out to eat every meal and being treated like a Queen. All that is missing is the linen tablecloth, silver, and china.  I feel great on your meals and nothing beats the convenience.  I am a single working mother constantly fighting the dreaded “bulge” and  “lack of time” issues.  Now I am losing weight and have more time -----thanks to you

-L.N., Del Mar, CA


I have to tell you the 3 meals you left for me were amazing!  Healthy,

nutritious and yummy!  It felt so good to come home late and tired and not to have to cook (or resort to really bad eating habits like the container of cool whip).  1 or 2 minutes in my microwave and I had a great meal!  I had no idea you could cook an omelet and then re-heat it! 

 Maggie Osburn, Del Mar, CA


I have nothing but positive feelings towards @health’s program.  I was a cooking client and counseling client for over 2 years.  I lost a lot of weight and felt good about myself.  I learned good eating habits.  The food was delicious and Tamara offers a wide variety so that you don't feel like you are on a "plan".

Sheila Advani, Fullerton, CA


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